Buyer and Seller resources

Are you about to take one of the most important steps

of a lifetime, the selection and purchase of some kind of real estate? If you are like thousands of others, you are seeking something in the country or in a small town. You see, more and more Americans are moving to small towns or in the country to establish a lifestyle away from the big city

or suburbs.

If you have decided to make this move, finding what you want might appear impossible. But this decision doesn’t have to be overwhelming, so if you don’t have an inside track about what’s for sale and where, it is time to consult a professional. What’s the first thing to do? Find free real estate publications that have properties in the areas where you want to buy. Or, use the internet to select the area and type of properties you are interested in. This will also guide you in finding a licensed real estate professional that can assist you in finding a property quickly and efficiently.

Remember, many small town or country real estate companies serve a large surrounding area. Once you have selected a realty professional, discuss with him/her the type of property that is suitable for your needs. To do this, you must ask yourself some questions.

1. Is my family still growing?

2. What are their needs?

3. Are schools a factor?

4. Do I want minimum grounds

upkeep? Maybe just a garden?

5. Do I plan to own horses or

several animals?

6. Do I need to be within commuting distance of a certain town for job possibilities?

7. Am I a fixer-upper, or a total

zilch with a hammer?

8. Will I be using it as a second home?

9. Will I keep the property to use for retirement or as investment?

10. What is most important about the lifestyle

I want to accomplish?

11. Next, provide information to the salesperson about what you can afford. This way, he/she has the tools   to assist you, including how much a bank may lend

you, and on what basis it is calculated. Once a price range is established, the salesperson will have the  information to help you find the right property within

your guidelines.

12. As you inspect properties, your salesperson will get a sense of what you like or dislikes. Sometimes it takes a few trips to various properties for you to establish the parameters that are appropriate for you and your family. In a sense, you are establishing a relationship with your realty expert that will help both of you in this exciting time.

13. Once you are ready to make an offer,

your realty professional will act as an intermediary between you and the seller. He/she will help negotiate price, down payment, contingencies, closing dates and anything else needed to bring the sale to

a satisfactory conclusion. Select an agent that will be your guide, your diplomat, and your trusted advisor, as you pursue your property ownership objectives.

Seller Resources

When you put your property on the market, you want to achieve the best sales price you can get, and do so within the time-frame that meets your needs. Nothing is more important to most buyers than the first impressions

they receive.

PAINTING—At the top of the list for creating good impressions. Inspect interior walls as well as the

exterior including trim, gutters, downspouts, mailbox, etc.

YARD—In addition to proper cutting and edging of the lawn, trim landscaping and weed flower

beds. Also check for dead branches in trees and shrubbery debris. Store all outdoor lawn equipment and toys.

SPRINKLER SYSTEM—Check for defective heads and for proper water coverage over entire lawn.

FENCE—Repair where necessary and paint or stain if needed to give your yard that well-maintained


GARAGE—Check garage doors and opener to see if they are in good working order. Inspect doors for painting or staining. Remove and reorganize garage items.

DRIVEWAY—Check for grease and oil spots. When showing the property, it’s best not to have vehicles parked in the driveway.

PATIO—Clean patio and arrange outdoor furniture.

POOL—Have pool sparking clean. Store equipment and chemicals out of the way.

ROOF—Check for loose shingles or broken tiles. Make sure eaves are cleared of leaves. If mildew

has occurred, consider professional cleaning.

FRONT ENTRANCE—Front door should be clean and all trim painted or stained. Check doorbell and outside light to see if they are operating properly.

AIR-CONDITIONING—Certainly, the air-conditioning system must be functioning at top performance, but also check for proper draining, install a new filter, and clean exterior unit.

WALLS—When checking for cleaning and possible painting of interior walls, look closely at wallpaper for repair or replacement, if needed.

DOORS—All interior and exterior doors should be cleaned, hardware tightened and oiled for smooth

opening and closing.

CARPETING AND TILE—Steam cleaning is the best answer for most carpets. While it’s a hassle to

rearrange furniture and be disrupted, this is one item that can’t wait until after the sale. Also, repair or replace damaged tile.

WINDOWS—Repair or replace all broken windows or screens. All windows must be cleaned to show the home at its best. Check blinds and draperies for cleanliness.

ELECTRICAL—Repair all switches and outlets that are not working. Good lighting through adequate wattage in garage, hallways, and closets will brighten up your home.

PLUMBING—Leaking faucets always raise questions about plumbing. Clean stains from stainless

steel sinks and check enamel for repair.

APPLIANCES—All appliances should be in good working order and CLEAN. In particular, oven and stove top, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave.

KITCHEN—A bright, cheerful kitchen is a must. Clean all surfaces, check for loose knobs or sticky drawers, clean exhaust hood and organize drawers and cabinets.

BATHROOMS—Clean mirrors, shower doors, curtains, tub caulking, and flooring. Just when you decide to clean the bathroom “later” is when the prospective buyer rings your doorbell.

We also have the following schools, hotels, and hospitals as resources.



Where can you go to school while enjoying a warm climate, a great social scene, and numerous cultural amenities? Miami! The city is home to many attractions and offers great educational opportunities for you while attending a college or school. If you stay in the area to graduation, there are several industries in Miami that offer diverse and interesting career options. Miami is a city rich with cultural diversity. Couple that with a prosperous economy, a number of educational resources, and a great time and is easy to see that Miami is a good place to pursue higher education.

the largest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the most highly regarded colleges in the country. Each campus in Miami-Dade Community College has its own identity and specialties. However, we also offer a broad base of general education courses, allowing you to take the first year of classes at any campus. Getting to determine which campus you want to attend. Take all your classes on campus, or follow the path of some students work and take classes in the morning near his home and night and weekend classes near their place of employment. As you begin to take more advanced courses, you may need to focus their studies on a campus where the program is offered. This is usually a university and has a lot to offer too

1) Miami-Dade Community College

2) Broward College

3) Florida International University (FIU)


THE MIAMI Hospitals

System’s Hospital Miami residents with some of the best care in Florida. A hospital is an institution for health care providing treatment by specialized staff and equipment and, often but not always, longer-term patient stays.

Today, hospitals are usually funded by the state, health organizations (for profit or nonprofit), health insurance or welfare, including direct charitable donations. In the story, however, were often founded and funded by religious orders or charitable individuals and leaders. Similarly, hospitals today are largely composed of medical professionals, surgeons and nurses, whereas in history, this work is usually done by the founding religious orders or by volunteers. We are home to some of the best hospitals in the world. Due to this fact, the world has our health care system in such high regard that it is not uncommon for visitors to travel internationally to Miami for hospital care in our region.

1) Miami children’s Hospital

Miami, the most intoxicating city in Florida has much to offer. In addition to the tropical climate all year round, are diverted cultures, attractions and getaways divine, tourists abound and diversion of the hot spots, Miami has some of the top hospitals ranked in the nation. One of the Top Ranked Hospitals is Miami Children’s Hospital. Miami Children’s Hospital is a world leader in pediatric healthcare. With a medical staff of over 650 physicians and over 2,000 employees, the hospital is recognized for excellence in all aspects of pediatric care from birth through adolescence. Miami Children’s Hospital offers more than 40 pediatric specialties and subspecialties, and is home to Florida’s only pediatric trauma center independently. Miami Children’s Hospital offers a variety unique, family-centered programs and services to families and children served. Some programs help parents become familiar with Miami Children’s Hospital of services, while others help make the hospital experience more comfortable. The care of patients at Miami Children’s Hospital are focused on providing patients and families with a high level of medical care, along with the emotional, psychological and educational support.

2) mercy Hospital



Hotels in Miami are an incredibly big deal, also due to all sectors of tourism, not just tourism, but only when Floridians want a good escape to go on some of the most luxurious and exquisite hotels in the city. In Miami to lay some of the world’s largest and most visited hotels. Hotels are among the most visible and important aspects of a country’s infrastructure. Hotel industry is closely linked to one of the tourism industry. A number of factors such as the promotion of tourism and rapid industrial progress have given a boost to the hospitality industry. The recent liberalization of trade and opening the economy further lead to revolutionary growth in this sector.

With increasing globalization, career opportunities in this area is not limited within the country, but there are chains of hotels that operate internationally which provide the possibility of a career abroad. It is a glamorous profession which has a bright future. With the growth of hotel industry propelled by foreign and domestic tourism and business travel, demand for quality and trained personnel has also increased dramatically.

The diversity of experience in hotel management are higher than in any other profession. Hotel industry involves combination of various skills like management, food and beverage service, cleaning, office operation, sales and marketing, accounting. Today, the increase in business (leading to a greater number of business trips), and the desire to travel on holiday has made the hotel industry very competitive.

1) Ritz Carlton


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